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The Tinker-Muse Prize

The “Tinker-Muse Prize for Science and Policy in Antarctica” is a US$ 100,000 unrestricted award presented to an individual in the fields of Antarctic science and/or policy who has demonstrated potential for sustained and significant contributions that will enhance the understanding and/or preservation of Antarctica. The Tinker Foundation’s goal is to establish a prestigious award that recognizes excellence in Antarctic research by honouring someone in the early to mid-stages of his or her career. The Prize is inspired by Martha T. Muse’s passion for Antarctica and is a legacy of the International Polar Year 2007-2008.

The prize-winner can be from any country and work in any field of Antarctic science and/or policy. The goal is to provide recognition of the important work being done by the individual and to call attention to the significance of understanding Antarctica in a time of change.

The Prize is awarded by the Tinker Foundation  and administered by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).


News: 13 July 2017 - Matthew England awarded 2017 Tinker-Muse Prize 

News: 18 May 2017 - Nominations for 2017 Tinker-Muse Prize now closed 

News: 27 January 2017 - Nominations for 2017 Tinker-Muse Prize now open 

News: 23 August 2016 - Rob DeConto accepts 2016 Tinker-Muse Prize at SCAR Open Science Conference 

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Matthew England awarded 2017 Tinker-Muse Prize