Tinker FoundationThe Tinker Foundation was created by Edward Larocque Tinker (1881-1968) in 1959 to increase friendship and cooperation between the United States and the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America. Martha Twitchell Muse, the person to whom Dr. Tinker entrusted the development of the Tinker Foundation, was a founding director, served as the Foundation’s first executive director and assumed the position of president upon Dr. Tinker’s death.  It was her vision that guided the development of the Tinker Foundation’s programs for the first 40 years of its life. 

Over the years the Foundation’s funding programs have been adapted and redefined to meet the needs of Latin America. Today, the Foundation’s Institutional Grants cover democratic governance, education, and sustainable development. Additionally, it continues to support its long-term program of field research grants for pre-doctoral students in order to give them an initial research experience in Latin America.  

In 2009 the Tinker Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary and also recognized the leadership of Ms. Muse as she retired from the Foundation by establishing the TinkerMuse Prize in Antarctic Policy and Science.

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