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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there age limits for the Nominees?
A: A prize nominee should be in the early- to mid-stages of their career. Recognizing that there are institutional and regional variations in career pathways, the Selection Committee has defined an age limit of 50 years on the closing date of nomination. Only under exceptional circumstances (e.g. break in career due to maternity or paternity leave), will nominees over 50 years be considered – please contact the SCAR Secretariat (info[at] if you feel this is the case. Nominees for the Tinker-Muse Prize should be at a point in their career at which they are highly likely to serve as future leaders in advancing our understanding of Antarctic science or policy. The goal is to recognize now the leaders of tomorrow, and enhance the impact of their leadership activities in their field and more broadly in Antarctic science and policy.

Q: Are self-nominations for the Prize allowed?
A: No - all nominations must be made by someone other than the nominee. Self nominations will not be considered.

Q: What criteria are used for assessing nominations and deciding on the winner?
A: There are a number of criteria on which nominees are assessed, covering their background and accomplishments, their leadership and potential for further development, their communication and outreach skills and achievements, and their contribution to international collaboration.  See the Category Descriptions document for information on each of the categories used in the evaluation process.

Q: Will more awards be made in future years?
A: Yes.  The Tinker Foundation has committed to the award continuing until at least 2017.

Please contact the SCAR Secretariat (info[at] if you have further questions.